Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You don't have to gain weight on Vacation....Keep Moving!!

Yes, summer is in full swing, and the 4th of July is just days away! Some of you are lucky enough to be on vacation this week. Hope the weather is better than what we’re getting here!

Even my little make-over Mom Laurie is on vacation this week. Now I couldn’t give her the entire week off. I know I’m mean, right? No, not at all. She’s lost over 8lbs this first month and she wants to keep this momentum going. And yes, she’ll still have a great time. She has a workout and food plan and she will do her best to stick to it.

Summer in general can be a difficult time to get your workouts in. It shouldn’t be, there’s too many things we can do outdoors. But when we go away on vacation it can be easy to let our fitness plans fall to the wayside.

Doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s always possible to find a way to get a good workout in. A vacation week doesn’t have to be as intense as you normally workout. Some of you may not have missed a workout in months, so maybe just walking would suffice.

Keep on top of things with these quick tips for fitting a good workout into your vacation schedule.  

Cardio is the best way to ensure that you stay in shape on your vacation. There are so many different varieties that it won’t seem like “work” at all. Now the beach can be great cardio. I love to walk the beach several times during the day. Especially after I eat some gummie bears……….Yes take advantage of the soft sand. Play it safe and think power walk. The thing about taking a brisk walk in sand it can burn twice as many calories as walking on a flat surface. When you’re on the beach have fun and move. If you’re lucky enough to find a volleyball game, join in. Yes, you’ll burn calories. Surfing, swimming and tossing the football are all good ways to not only have fun, but burn additional calories.  And yes running, if that’s your thing.  Go for it! So put down the Kindle and get out there!  

Not at the beach? Try some bike riding. This low-intensity exercise burns calories without you even thinking about exercise. Yes even Golf and be some exercise. But please no cart, walk the course and carry those clubs! Tennis anyone? Another great choice.

Now if you’re in the mountains hiking can be a great experience. Not only can you enjoy the sites, but it can be quite a challenging cardio workout. Does your hotel have a gym?  Be sure and make full use of it. See if they have any exercise classes running. Check out the fitness center. Lifting weights or body weight exercises combined with some of the machines will keep you in shape until you return home to your usual workout routine.
Now you don't have to be extreme. It is vacation, but that doesn't mean you throw everything out the window. Have fun! But you don't want to come back home step on the scale and scream........so be smart!!!!!

Whatever you do just keep moving!


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