Monday, December 8, 2014

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Conditioning Circuit -Body Transformation

Ladies time to make that jump! If you're not in the weight-room it's time to consider. If you're looking to transform your body lose bodyfat or get in great shape. Your number one priority should be Resistance Training not Cardio!!!

Thanks Cat!!!!!!!
Here's an example of a cardio day workout ---a Giant Circuit geared towards conditioning.

Monday, September 29, 2014

You must lift to lose! No Skinny Fat!!!!!!

I originally wrote this back in 2011, but here we go again. Ladies you NEED to lift weights! Enough already..... aerobics has its' place ---yes it's Heart Healthy! The science behind this is everywhere now----If you want that lean sexy look and total body Transformation --please get a good program. Did you ever notice folks that just take certain classes or just run ---their bodies NEVER change --
Stop SKINNY FAT!! --------what is it? That lean appearance in clothes, but in reality the person has a high Bodyfat%---case in point --Nicole cut calories and just ran --so glad she picked up weights!

Just got back from the gym, place was packed. Well part of the gym, the weight room was almost empty besides two ladies doing curls. After they did their set a guy came in and did something. I don’t know what, it was hard to describe, but very interesting.

After my workout I decided to do some Intervals—but on a cardio machine. So I decided to join the masses, it must be great because everyone is here, all the cardio machines were taken, except 1 treadmill, so I jumped on -

During my warm-up and cool-down I did notice a few things around me. It looks like more people are exercising, which is great. Especially women, I think they know how important cardio is for losing weight and keeping it off. They’re cardio queens! But weights are a different story.

After I finished I decided to go to the stretching area, while I stretched out I happened to over-hear two ladies talking about weight loss. One of the ladies lost 40 + pounds. Yes I’m curious. I had to find out how she did it, so I asked. She explained that she ate super healthy and she ran and did some classes a few times a week. That’s great, but when I asked her if she did any resistance training, she said no. Her main reason was because she wasn’t trying to gain muscles. At this point I was already tired and the trainer in me couldn’t find the energy to explain how it doesn’t work that way –so I went on my merry way. (I’ll straighten her out at a later date!).

Unfortunately, her reasoning is not out of the norm. Many women have a similar mentality toward resistance training. The main flaw in believing that weight training is only for people who want to build muscle is that EVERYONE needs to build muscle for several reasons.

Do you want to look great? Do you want to lose body fat? Then lifting moderate weights with a good program will get you there. Remember skinny-fat? If you don’t, think of someone like a distance runner who was skinny but has loose skin? Without muscle tone, your skin sags and gives you that flabby look. Muscle is what gives women that tight, smooth appearance because it holds everything together. If someone lost a ton of weight, especially if it’s too fast, chances are you could have loose skin and appear shapeless, it’s because you need to implement resistance exercises into your routine. No one ever got six-pack abs or slim triceps by running alone.
Laurie Lifts heavy/moderate Weights!!
Muscle is also crucial to keep your weight from yo-yo-ing. The more lean muscle you have, the faster your metabolism is, and the more fat you burn at rest. The key is Fast Metabolism, not endless running or hour long sessions on the treadmill just to maintain. And as we age it becomes more important. Your metabolism slows down every year after 30, and it’s unrealistic to keep increasing your cardio time to maintain your weight. Muscle is what will keep your metabolism running and keeping fat from making itself comfortable on your backside.

For women, it’s essential to build muscle for bone strength as well. As we age our bones naturally get thinner. Why’s that bad? When your bones are thin, even a minor fall can result in you breaking a bone. I’m not even referring to the nursing home population either. Over 50% of women have osteopenia-the precursor to osteoporosis- starting at age 50! That’s not good!

Lastly, muscle tone look’s great. A strong athletic build is sexy. No one has ever come to me and asked for the “Marathon Look”. And I’m not talking about working out to become the next “Miss Olympia”. And please not the PINK DUMBELLS---(that’s another article).
No Pink DB's

Great shape --but not what I'm talking about

Lean Muscle

If you train the right way, you won’t get bulky. You’ll have a body shape people envy, shapely lean muscle that makes you look curvy in all the right places!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

*New* Class Format coming to InMotion Cycling in Westford

$30 for 30 days ---

School is Back! Can't get to that class you enjoy? Tougher with the new bus schedule? We have a solution -a flexible schedule in a circuit format! 4 Start times --You can make one of them! 

Here are the start times and end times if you complete 3 circuits.

The 6am class starts off with a 6 minute warmup ---if you come in for the other 3 start times you will be responsible for a warmup in a designated area. (warm-up provided).
The circuit at this time is 10 stations ---1 minute per station -some stations have 2 exercises

To go thru an entire Circuit (10 stations) it takes 15 minutes ---1-2 minutes rest between and allowing new folks to start.

InMotion Cycling    7 Littleton Rd. Unit G1, Westford,      Tel: 978.319.9074     
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring on the way!!!!!!

We're back!!!!!!
Classes start Monday April 14

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Biggest Loser --Unrealistic Weight Loss?

Well another season of Biggest Loser is over. And I have to admit I’ve seen every season. I’ve seen many transformations and been surprised and stunned by some of the final weigh-ins. But I have to be honest last night’s Finale with winner (Rachel Frederickson) totally blew me away. I was shocked and not in a good way. If you saw the look on both trainers faces (Bob and Jillian) you could tell they felt the same way. The sad part of all of this is if you’ve seen any of the reaction via social media. It hasn’t been kind. Taking shots at this woman is not the way to go. This woman showed nothing but class all season. She’s one of the most competitive and inspirational people I’ve seen on television. She worked so hard and decided she wasn’t going to be stopped. For that, she’s 250k richer, but more importantly she’s got her life back.

But here’s the thing. I can’t predict how her appearance will affect the show or more importantly women watching the show.  I will only state. She is now severely under-weight. I’ve been trying to verify her height –from what I read 5’4’ -5'7" and weighing 105 she is in a danger zone. We all have different builds. But in no way is 105 lbs healthy for someone that height. I don't care if you're a fitness model or walking a runway –IT’S NOT HEALTHY!

I’m thinking in a few weeks we’ll see an updated photo of Rachel and she’ll be at a healthy weight and show folks how to keep it off!

Unrealistic Weight Loss?  

The show overall is very unrealistic in terms of weight loss. It’s real, but the fact that these people are isolated for 5 or 6 months and workout close to eight hours a day is extreme and almost impossible to do in the real world. You do the math. There’s no way we’d survive. Another thing is the workouts, TOUGH. I don’t think I know anyone that could survive one of their “last chance workouts”. If anyone wants that workout, please let me know, I’ll supervise with a smile…………..

Then how the heck do these people do what we’re seeing, I wish I knew. We’re talking about 400lb people running, jumping and lifting unreal weights for hours. The trainers are Military type trainers, who needs it? Apparently these folks.

The message the show does convey is that anyone can change if you’re willing. It’s out there for you, if you want it! AND IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!

But the thing that bothers me the most is that the show has really hurt the average weight loss enthusiast. I’ve seen someone lose 31lbs in one week on the show. Yes 7 days. So my client works with me, loses 2lbs in one week. How’s that feel?  Hopefully fantastic…. But you get the picture. Ordinarily, 2 pounds would be an outstanding pace at which to lose weight each week, but with TV shows and infomercials advertising double-digit weekly weight loss results it’s hard to be that impressed with a couple of pounds here and another few there.

Think about weight loss realistically. In the real world 1% weight loss per week is great, and if it happens you should be proud of yourself. So if I weigh 170 pounds and I lose 1% that would equal a 1.7 pound weight loss. This is a realistic goal to shoot for each week and better yet, your results will be far more likely to be permanent.

So unless you plan on leaving your family, quitting your job and dedicating your life to losing weight, it’s a much better idea (and healthier) to aim for a 1% weight loss per week through both a balanced nutrition plan and following a sound program!

Now’s your chance to be part of a Biggest Loser Program HERE AT THE REGENCY! Check the front desk for details –sorry we can’t send you to California, but we’ll give you the tools needed to reach your weight loss goals!!