Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Congrats to Westford-Littleton Crew Team!

Great Story!

They set a goal --Reach Nationals!!
This is the first boat from the six-year-old Westford-Littleton Community Crew program to reach a junior nationals.

I didn't know much about Crew --but I have learned how tough a sport it is. And in this area we have many outstanding participants. As a group, they are obviously very talented, but they also demonstrate outstanding teamwork, poise, and respect. And that's a credit to their overall attitudes, teachings, and upbringings.

I encourage the recognition of young athletes who are dedicating themselves to a sport that requires tremendous training and preparation for competition. Crew athletes take the concept of teamwork to the highest level as they form a team within a boat; teammates working together and communicating with one another to achieve an overall goal.

They should be proud!!

I was lucky enough to work with one of the girls to get ready for her season --Shannon Forty. I knew from day 1 that she was an amazing young lady. She is extremely focused and such a hard worker. Working one-on-one with a Personal Trainer is not always easy and it's tough as you get closer to your season. Shannon gave 100% effort with every workout. And her team ended up having a great season --

Congratulations Girls
We are Proud of your Accomplishment


Monday, June 15, 2015

10 Week Body Transformation is back!!

Was lucky enough to attend a weekend Summit earlier this year --got allot of great info on Fat Loss (people hate this term) Training and Metabolic Finishers and Density Circuits. So 8 weeks ago I started Cat on a "New" routine using this info to see if we could enhance her physique-----

Her Training--------First thing ---NO Steady state (LONG DURATION) cardio ---this means cardio classes, jump/kick classes or running outside/treadmill. 5 workouts a week One day 1on1---Peripheral Heart Action Circuits 2 days--Heavy Legs 1 Day & 1 Day Interval/Supersets. Her food was clean and I had her try a new cycle food plan the last 2 weeks -it works!!!!--this really leaned her out..........Remember 1st rule ---find something you like to do for exercise --if you like it you will most likely continue to do it. Bottom line any kind of movement is good and heart healthy. You are NOT wasting your time. So a Group X Class or power walking and some of these other group classes are great for beginners or when you're coming back from injury. If you do go to a class, make sure they have a few options to work your backside --Rows & TRX ----we are working our Front Side (chest, quads etc.) too much -----this imbalance could lead to injury.........or schedule a day or 2 in the weight room to work your posterior chain.

But to get to the NEXT level -LADIES you need to get strong and get on a great program! Get to the weight room --and please don't jump on a bosu ball and do a lateral raise --I will personally puncture the bosu............Deadlifts, squats, Rows, Cleans........ With Cat we are trying to create an athletic physique not only looking the part, but moving like one also. Why you're not losing fat... My favorite phrase -you can’t out train a bad diet. Get a plan! Too much cardio -you could actually increase your cortisol, which will force your body to store more fat =skinny fat! You see it all the time. People work their butts off (figuratively that is, because at the end of the day their flabby backside is still there). They train and wonder ‘why am I not getting lean?’

Is this you or someone you know? Why?????
Age-yes we start to lose muscle and gain body fat. Unfortunately, it’s easier to lose muscle than it is to lose fat. Our bodies PREFER to use lean muscle tissue for energy over our fat storage.

Hormones- Fat storing hormones like cortisol wreak havoc with belly fat.

Poor eating/Lack of sleep -------raises more havoc on your metabolism.

Work out plan ------if your goal is fat loss -you train for it. Not just a collection of exercises. Not Random -oh I'll do this today. Have the right plan!

Ok what's next?

What is the Body Transformation Program? It's a 10 week program designed to take the guess work away. You work with me 1on1 once a week. I give you a workout plan for the rest of the week. It takes 5-6 workouts a week. The strategy is to combine high intensity interval training, strength training and a nutrition plan. With everything in place you can actually force your body to harness body fat as energy by putting your metabolism into Afterburn. This type of workout will also boost your fat-burning hormones. (I will not make up run on the treadmill for long periods because it may actually increase fat storing hormones like cortisol.) But remember It only works if you eat clean ----you can still get strong and more flexible --but food is the key to get to that next level!

Now when you use a combination of my workouts that increase the right hormones to promote fat loss and a sound nutrition plan and some tricks to speed up your metabolism, you'll get those results, no matter your age (Yes Cat is in her 40's)
Sample workout finisher for Cat: Set your timer for 5-10 minutes (depending on your level). Do the following circuit in order-- As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP):

  • Burpees 10 reps
  • prisoner squat 10 reps
  • renegade row 5 ea
  • leg lifts 12 reps (rev crunch)

Not Sure??? Try a FREE workout!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

We're Back!!!!

Finally Outside 630pm Monday & Wednesday 33 Providence Rd Westford

Monday, March 23, 2015

You must Lift to Lose!

Ladies -get to the weight room!

Chest Pyramid -Light 12 reps-- Medium 10 reps ----Heavy 8 Reps ----Medium 10 Reps----Light 12 reps NO REST

A circuit I call "Three's Company"
3 Different Push-up variations (progression)
3 Different Leg Plyo variations (progression)
3 Different Burpee variations (progression)
3 exercises in a Tri-set rest 30

Great Job Cat!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Can we ever play Outside????? Enough Already.....

Well enough already. Let's get Outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Is your Program in Place?

Body Transformation where do I begin? A story like this is why I love my profession. Seeing someone reach their goal is a great feeling. Seeing someone go above and beyond that goal is amazing! If anyone has had a remarkable Body/Life Transformation it’s Catherine Wright. She would be the first to tell you she was in a bad place at one time in her life. Emotionally and physically. That one time unfortunately lasted many years. She was “plus size” in her mid-twenties a size 18 to be precise and not feeling good about herself. She was unhappy in her own skin, but had come to a realization that she needed to make major changes. She was sick and tired of feeling “sick and tired”.

She knew she had to live her life differently and had to do it on her own terms. When she first started on her journey she didn’t make things complicated. She exercised every day and not with long drawn out sessions. And cut her food portions in half. This worked –yes calories in/calories out! In a year and a half she was able to drop over 100lbs!! That’s amazing! But life sometimes gets in the way. Stress and more stress. Before you know it the weight starts to creep back on and Cat put back on 35lbs. But this didn’t stop her. She made major changes in her personal life and got back on track losing most of the weight she had put on---again great work!

Now in her 40’s she didn’t want to fall into that “yo-yo” syndrome where your weight goes up and down. She was at a comfortable weight but part of her wanted to take her physique to the “next level”. How would she be able to get this done? Yes I first met Cat on that damn treadmill. She was in the hamster section of the gym. Yes the road to nowhere. People I’m teasing!!! How could I convince a “cardio queen” that her routine was in maintenance mode and her body had adapted. That she needed to make appropriate changes in order to get to that “next level”. This wasn’t going to be easy. I just had to be honest. First thing, I had her slowly cut down any steady-state cardio or aerobic classes. This was like taking my Granddaughter’s “oh oh” stuffed toy from her------not easy! If endless cardio has been part of your routine for years it’s tough to move away from it. But if you want to look like an athlete you have to train more like one. That means moderate to heavy weights and that’s your number 1 priority not a 5 mile run or cheerleader class! (Yes send cards and letters to me not Cat!)

Even though Cat was around gyms for a while now. She didn’t wander over to the weight rooms. This was going to be all new to her. So she dipped her toe in the water and jumped in! She was in decent shape but her muscle wasn’t defined and they didn’t have that shape she was looking for. Weight training was going to be in her future and not those pink dumbbells or plastic barbells. Weights and machines. So we made the necessary changes –off the treadmill and headed to the dark side. At this point I no longer had to convince Cat of anything. Her body was changing rapidly. This is all she needed to see. She was hooked!

Seeing how hard she pushed herself was very inspirational. Again it wasn’t 3 hours in the gym every day. Workouts were 45 minutes to an hour and several days a week she did HIT training (her cardio) and we did one of my Group Circuits one-one-one. And most importantly her food plan was more in line with putting on some muscle and losing body fat. We increased her protein intake and cut back her portion size of starchy carbs. Once all these variables were put into place her body responded. Shapely muscles, definition and a smaller waist and without old-school cardio!

How important is a sound exercise program and eating right? You can't separate the two and be successful. She got to this stage right away, and as her trainer, the only thing I had left to do was to bring out the champion that was already in her.

After Phase 1 she was really looking like an athlete and we focused more on her legs and shoulders. Again her body responded. With that improvement we started to set more goals. One of those goals was a Photo Shoot. Why not? And remember, establishing goals is one of the most important things to use when trying to lose weight or transform your body. In fact, goal-setting in general is very important in reaching any of our dreams. See Goal Setting

So she made the appointment with Lucie Wicker Photography. A huge step 8 weeks away. Training once again changed. We needed her to peak for that shoot. Her food plan had to be spot on and it was.

I wanted her to feel and look great for her Shoot, and she did. She was so motivated and listened to all the advice I gave her. She worked hard with me and on her own. I'm so proud of her for setting sights high, and making every effort to achieve that goal. She worked hard and proved to herself and everyone what she was capable of. Accomplishing this while maintaining a home and raising a Daughter is a marvelous achievement. Your determination to reach your goal has been admirable.

You are a great role model!
What’s next for Cat? Get ready………… I hope you've been inspired by her journey and make the decision you can get in amazing shape and reach YOUR goals!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Valslides can go anywhere and under any Conditions!

I can't lie --I never had to walk to school for miles in this weather. I only owned 1 Boot -so I had to Hop!

Here's my snow workout ----NO Excuses!